About MUN

Mr Universe Nigeria ROAD TO THE KINGSVILLE is popular for its heavy dose of escapism. Everyday, Nigerians are faced with multidimensional challenges, puts a strain on the mind. As society has long discovered, we humans tend to forget about our own problems by involving ourselves in other people’s problems. Reality TV shows like ROAD TO THE KINGSVILLE offers this crucial escape by commodifying and unfolding the over dramatic lives of others. Watching these people’s struggles makes us believe that our own problems aren’t as severe, or we can connect with their challenges and vicariously live through them.

The Format

Mr Universe Nigeria ROAD TO THE KINGSVILLE TV Reality Show is a 24/7 show. A mixed group of carefully-vetted candidates are ushered into a house miles away from home. These strangers are joined by the hip in a building for 30 days, after quitting their jobs to invest a portion of their lives into a reality TV show. On the surface, they are signing up to have viewers live through them, but their real hope is that via participating in the Mr Universe Nigeria Pageant TV Reality Show, they can mint money through business deals, brand partnerships, and even launching their own companies. Thirty (30) candidates will be continuously monitored during their stay in the house by live television cameras as well as audio microphones. HouseGuests will have no access to mobile devices, internet or television. They will be restricted from any form of communication with the outside walls to avoid external influence on the show. Throughout the course of the competition, HouseGuests are evicted from the house by votes.

The Nomination

The HouseGuests will participate in an overall challenge. This challenge ignores team division, and whoever wins the challenge does so individually. The next segment involves a campaign for a client. The HouseGuests perform for these clients in a wide variety of shoots, commercials, or runway shows. These campaigns are performed in the teams that were assigned at the beginning of the series. Immediately afterwards, the client for the episode declares which team performed the best. The Gladiators from winning team are granted immunity, and cannot be eliminated. All HouseGuests can be put up for nomination and possible eviction at the discretion of the show producers.